Band: Face Down/Remasculate
Title: Think Twice Split
Catalogue Nr: UER
Barcode: 4260141643986
Format: CD
Release Date: Out Now!
Limited to 2000 copies world wide!

Info: FACE DOWN/REMASCULATE Split: Think Twice CD. Exclusive split album containing previously unreleased tracks with thrash/death veterans FACE DOWN.
This album features Marco Aro from The Haunted at vocals and new killer tracks with the death/grinders REMASCULATE (Insision, ex-Demonical members).


1. Face Down-Lost Cause
2. Face Down-Indifference
3. Face Down-Irreversible
4. Face Down-White Trash God
5. Remasculate-No Guts, No Gory
6. Remasculate-Grease That Weenie With Rape-Oil
7. Remasculate-Nuke Kids On The Block
8. Remasculate-Excremental Patient
9. Remasculate-Strangers In The Knight
10. Remasculate-Wake Up And Smell The Coffin




Samples Face Down:
Samples Remasculate: