Band: Shining
Title: Through Years Of Oppression
Catalogue Nr: UER002
Barcode: 7320470046203
Format: LP (Limited to 500 Copies)
Release Date: Sold out!

Note: Unreleased and very rare material with this Swedish/Norwegian Cult Black Metal Band!

Info: Shining have since many year built up a Cult Status in underground scene
over the world with theirs Suicide and Self-Destruction Black Metal. They have
drummer of drummers, Mr. Hellhammer from the legendary Mayhem behind the
This release have both unreleased and very rare material from theirs now sold
out since many years debut 7-inch from 1998 who only printed in 300 copies,
and more exclusive version on “The Claws Of Perdition” who releases in a
future on Shining IV.
Let the Self-Destuction Blossom!!!


1. Endless Solitude (1998)
2. Submit To Self-Destruction (1998)
3. Manipulation Session (2001)
4. Black Industrial Misery (2001)
5. Through Corridors Of oppression (2002)
6. The Claws Of Perdition (2003)



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